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Precaution for Removing 12V Battery


1. Check that EVSE is not connected.


If EVSE is connected, the air conditioning system may be automatically activated by the timer A/C func-


2. Turn the power switch OFF

→ ON → OFF. Get out of the vehicle. Close all doors (including back door).

3. Check that the charge status indicator lamp does not blink and wait for 5 minutes or more.


If the battery is removed within 5 minutes after the power switch is turned OFF, plural DTCs may be


4. Remove 12V battery within 1 hour after turning the power switch OFF

→ ON → OFF.


• The 12V battery automatic charge control may start automatically even when the power switch is in

OFF state.

• Once the power switch is turned ON

→ OFF, the 12V battery automatic charge control does not start for

approximately 1 hour.


• After all doors (including back door) are closed, if a door (including back door) is opened before

battery terminals are disconnected, start over from Step 1.

• After turning the power switch OFF, if “Remote A/C” is activated by user operation, stop the air

conditioner and start over from Step 1

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